A New Era in retail is coming March 27, 2020 23:36

As we all adjust to this new time we are working to change the way our store operates.  We have always had the philosophy that we but clothes to FEEL good in and make us happy.  More than ever this is what is needed - but we dont expect to profit from this time; instead we are just wanting to survive whilst offering some feel good to the community !  We are currently reviewing our site, our pricing,the way we send things to you with gifts -  and as we ADD our WINTER product soon too!  Stay with us and PLEASE be socially responsible and take care of you and those around you  Love from Annie @ the SUKHA STORE x

WELCOME and thank you for visiting our new ONLINE store ! September 30, 2019 05:55

New products are being added daily this week so keep checking in as we build our collection of great clothing selected for your Sukha style !  So much is coming including our new wardrobe sorting service for our local clients ! Register for our newsletter to be kept updated !

ONLINE LIVE New Season 1st OCTOBER 2019 September 13, 2019 22:32

Thank you for visiting our website.   It has been quite a journey, sadly  closing our retail store in Brighton after roadworks made it just too difficult !  After many attempts, we are LAUNCHING our NEW SEASON here 1st October.  

Whilst operating in bricks and mortar, we took pride in our careful selection of Lifestyle clothing and loved nothing more than finding the piece that made you feel good !  

We are hoping we can maintain the uniqueness of our offering online , and continue the warm, personal service as much as we are able in this new arena.

STAY WITH US ... sign up to our newsletter and we will update you as we launch xxx